Faustina Holding Limited, FHL,  is a privately held, vertically-integrated real estate company that owns and manages a 6+ million square foot portfolio of Class A commercial office properties in New York City. Founded in 2017.

How We Create Value

FHL re-imagines buildings. Our vertically-integrated platform enables us to approach an asset from every angle and to provide expertise in all phases of the acquisition, development and leasing. Vertical Integration is key to maximizing the value of our portfolio, as well as, shaping the strategic vision of each asset. The Company sees beyond current conditions such as underperformance of an existing asset due to inadequate capital, limited development expertise or a lack of strategic vision, and is able to recognize short and long-term asset potential and value-add opportunities.

Investment Strategy

FHL identifies underperforming assets with potential for greater service to tenants and the community. Creating a jewel starts with identifying a building with potential to enhance and beautify its surroundings, contribute to community environmental efforts and provide the most effective platform for tenants’ business. FHL’s framework for re-imagining a building is always tenant-centric; how a property can provide a great work environment, deliver efficient service, and support employee recruitment and retention.